We combine our deep understanding of the Education sector with an innovative and technical approach to market.

Our Expertise

Complex stakeholder management is second nature to the business. Having a leadership team that have worked within UCAS, the organisation that devises and delivers the application process means Education Cubed is unique in having an intimate and truly detailed understanding of the application cycle as well as the nuances around international and postgraduate recruitment. As importantly, the team is well versed in understanding organisational structures within Universities – having once been directly accountable to the sector.

Clients of the agency also benefit from the connections to the media and wider sector as Education Cubed continues to invest in a deep working relationship with the key suppliers. As such, the agency is very aware of all the various changes to products and application process – and what the opportunities and implications of these changes might be for any UK University.

The campaign delivery unit is a tech savvy, ambitious and data driven team. With a business that is underpinned by technology, they manage our propriety programmatic software as well as constant optimisations on social channel campaigns. All of this work feeds into our self-serve reporting dashboard –Cubed View which allows clients 24/7 access to campaign reporting with the ability to export results instantly.

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Our Understanding

Education Cubed understands the wider challenges that exist for the sector. The impact of recent global changes is a subject that the agency has already discussed with many clients devising strategic plans to minimise the effects it could have on their student intake. Education Cubed has worked with many clients for whom having a diverse student body is crucial, and implementing the Equalities Act 2010 just a minimum requirement along the route to a fair, equal and diverse community within the University. Media choices and recommendations are always seen through this prism.

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Our Knowledge

At Cubed, innovation is at the heart of what we do and our track record in this respect is second to none. In 2005, members of our team pioneered the use of social media for student recruitment through Bebo. Members of the team were also the first in our sector to exploit the potential of programmatic advertising for education, creating a bespoke real time bidding platform, Edunamic, in 2014. Since then, via these and other channels, the team has delivered 10 million clicks, 11 billion impressions, 2.5 million reactions and 600k page likes from over 200 countries.

Our expertise is not just about the HE sector, the business is very well versed in understanding applicants.

With a team that has worked for over 15 years in student targeting, we have access to years of data which helps inform the best channels, the most effective messages and the best targeted regions. We have worked with over 200 HEIs across the UK delivering successful end to end campaigns. This is our heartland. We conduct bi-annual research to help inform our campaign decisions as well handle and deliver as a series of bespoke marketing research projects.

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Education Cubed - The education-specialist digital marketing agency - Blog | Contact