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A New Chapter

With the final boxes being unpacked, we say goodbye to our old office and hello to our sparkling new one.


As an ever-expanding company and team, we finally outgrew our old set up. We need space, space and oh some more space!


With every desk having become a hot desk and elbows beginning to bang whilst typing we realised we couldn’t squeeze in much longer.

We have so many memories of the office as a team and as desks began being disassembled around me, I couldn’t help reflecting on the first day we moved in just myself downstairs in, what felt like then, a vast office space filled with the buzz of potential.


Our new office is a large space with floor to ceiling windows in a busy office building. Moving our collection of yucca plants and larger potted plants in has made it feel like an oasis in the busy working environment that surrounds us. Every team member has a permanent desk with plenty of elbow space and we even have spare desk spaces set up for our future team members.

(If you want to join the Cubed Team check out the tab ‘Join the Team’ to see if you’re what we’re searching for)


Being set up right by Brighton station makes commuting all over even easier and it means we are now even more accessible to visitors than ever before so please do let us know if you want to pop up for a coffee in our new building’s café or have a nose at the open rooftop space.


But maybe give us a week to clear up the boxes.


Cheers to the new!

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