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We know everything there is to know about targeting students and persuading them to study at your university or institution.

Years of combined industry knowledge and a highly skilled team of dedicated media experts means your marketing budget is in safe hands. We believe in a new agency model – responsive, outcomes focused, ambitious, results driven and always acting with integrity.

In recent years, there’s been a move away from the traditional media agency model of bulk media buying, tied in contracts and buying ‘space’. Today it’s all about being a more agile, digitally driven business. We deliver plans that have the strongest chance of exceeding expectations.

We are media experts but we are also media neutral – a campaign has to work for your specific brand.

Education Cubed uses a six-sided approach to every campaign.

Outcomes led

We deliver and exceed our clients’ ROI targets time and time again. All of our strategic decision-making is focused on this goal, meaning satisfied clients and a marketing agency that is held in high regard in higher education circles.

Complete transparency

We supply all the information you need to inform your advertising decisions – nothing is held back. Our live reporting software, Cubed View, means you can see every aspect of your campaign in a quick, simple, easy-to-digest format, fed directly from the platforms you’re using, 24/7.

Consultative but challenging

We analyse your campaigns in real-time, constantly optimising them to make sure your budget delivers the results your institution needs. We’re not afraid to question, always backing up our arguments with real evidence. We hate wastage, favouring media that delivers quantifiable results for you. If you’re happy, then so are we.

Innovative and proactive

Our expertise in identifying market trends is second to none. We were first to market with programmatic in the education sector and first to recognise the power of social media as a student recruitment tool. Before launching the agency, we were the major provider of social media and Facebook campaigns to numerous advertising agencies in the HE marketing sector. You could say we taught them everything they know.

Added value orientated

Every single client automatically becomes a member of Cubed Lab. We host a series of practical events based around a collaborative approach; this includes workshops, training sessions, client days, seminars and research projects that test new and innovative platforms – all at no extra cost to you.

Ferocious media buying

Our deep knowledge, experience and contacts in the HE sector means we guarantee buying key media platforms for at least 10% less than you are currently paying. Saving you money in the process and guaranteeing excellent ROI.

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